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Our Commercial Work

If you have a major commercial project that needs to be completed quickly, you can count on Norton Custom Homes to get the job done. Whether your building needs a new roof, upgraded electrical equipment or new walls, we will work with you every step of the way.

Church Additions

As your church grows, you may find that you simply do not have enough space. Our experts will design and build your church addition using quality materials that match the existing building. Your new space can be used to house a gathering space, a new worship hall, classrooms and even a nursery. We will ensure that the new addition matches the existing building's exterior.

Minor Office Repairs

If your office space is aging and you need to revitalize the area, Norton Custom Homes can help. From new wall construction or wall relocation to door frame installations, you and your employees will love your completed office. We can add closed off meeting rooms, offices and lunch rooms. We can also make repairs to damaged flooring and ceilings or add a new coat of paint to the walls.

Remodeling and Redecorating Apartments

When you need to remodel or upgrade a large number of apartments all at once, you need a construction company that can handle the project. From performing electrical work to upgrading plumbing to repairing walls, floors and ceilings, we will get the work done quickly so you can start accepting renters as soon as possible.

Call Us for Your Estimate

We are happy to provide you with free estimates on our services. If you have a minor or major project that needs to be completed, give us a call at 402-293-1020.
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